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Our goal is to help you get the surety bond you need quickly and affordably. For years, our team of highly trained bond specialists have prided themselves on making it easy for the customer. We work closely with A rated insurance companies to carefully review the contract details using a time tested procedures that get you the bond you need, and save you time and money. We’d love the opportunity to serve you.


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Surety Bonds We Offer

We provide many different types of bonds to everyone from large businesses to small, even the self-employed with a variety of risk sizes and special coverage needs and will ensure you get the bonds FAST, usually within a few hours upon submission through the instant quote form. All bonds will be sent directly to you for signing once you’re ready.

License and Permit Bonds

Licensing and Permit Bonds are used to safeguard the public health and welfare and ensure their safety from contractors who may not finish the job and are often required by state law, municipal ordinance, or by other regulations. To be licensed, one would need a bond and occasionally some insurance coverage as well.

The only information we need is the name of who requires the bond (be it anything from a Village to a State), the amount of the bond, and details of your company, along with the type of contractor you are. Once we have that, we can go ahead with getting you the bonds you need. Only a few contract types, including State Contractors license and permit bonds, require a credit check or Social Security number.

Bid Bonds

In the case of governmental contracts, a bid bond will protect the obligee (the contractor), from the principal, ensuring that the obligee is paid the full amount for their work, otherwise the obligee may sue the principal and the surety to enforce the bond. This means that the obligee will get the payment they deserve upon the completion of their work. An amount of 10% tp 20% percent of the original bid sum may be taken as penalty from the principal, being the difference between the low and second low bid.

Payment and Performance Bonds

A Payment and Performance bond is often required by the owner of a project to ensure the satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor and commonly used in the construction industry, mainly for governmental projects. Payment bonds guarantee that all the subcontractors and suppliers will be paid. Performance bonds guarantee that the bond company will step in and complete the project if the original contractor fails to do so. An example of this would be the insolvency of a contractor.

Another common scenario is that a large contractor may require that their subcontractors provide a Payment and Performance to the Prime contractor. This is done for the same reasons as if the bond was given to the owner, it protects the Prime contractor from any claims from suppliers of subcontractor, along with guarantee that the work will be performed.